Project Compassion 2013: Creating new pathways in Bolivia


Project Compassion 2013: Week 2 Story

One of six children, Raymundo, 24, was born into a very poor family. At eight years of age, he was told that he had good hands and good legs, so he can go and start earning money for the family.

At first, Raymundo cleaned mini buses, and delivered and cleaned water tanks. Later, he found work washing cars for visitors to the cemetery and carrying 25 litre buckets of water for women cleaning the gravestones. It was a hard life and he and his friends sought escape in sniffing glue; quickly becoming addicted. Raymundo was earning money and giving it to his family but was spending more and more time with his gang.

Working together to build a brighter future

Project Compassion 2013
Raymundo. Photo: Richard Wainwright

When some gang members started to attend Educar es Fiesta (Education is Celebration), a circus school for vulnerable children, Raymundo went along to be with them.

At first he enjoyed the musical activities but when they moved on to street theatre, such as acrobatics and juggling, he began to see new possibilities for his life.

"I had the opportunity to start learning something new that turned my life around in a complete circle," Raymundo said. 

Today 250 young people are involved in Educar es Fiesta, a Caritas Australia partner.

Set up by Edson Quezada, the school is run by children and young people, and is a place where orphans and vulnerable children can learn, not only reading and writing, but how to work together and build a brighter future.

"My wish for the kids is that no one is poor," Edson said.

"We as Bolivians and Australians have the opportunity to work together to create new paths with Caritas Australia."

Your contribution to Project Compassion 2013 will help people to build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities.

To make a donation pick up an envelope or collection box from your parish or school or donate online at Caritas Australia

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