Project Compassion 2012 eclipses $10m


Project Compassion 2012 has eclipsed a staggering $10 million, breaking its own record and ensuring thousands of families are guaranteed life-changing support.

Caritas Australia CEO Jack de Groot said despite great financial uncertainty, when charities all around the country are struggling, the Catholic community of Australia has taken a true stand in solidarity with the world’s poor.

“This really is remarkable. Times have been tough and uncertain for many Australians in the last 12 months and yet our parishes, our schools and Church communities have managed to find a way to support the poorest of the poor,” Mr de Groot said.

“This is unprecedented and we are humbled to see this demonstration of almsgiving throughout the sacred Lenten period. We thank wholeheartedly everyone who was involved.”

Mr de Groot said many communities throughout the world would benefit directly from the impact of Project Compassion 2012.

“I am reluctant to reduce what the people of the Catholic community have done to simple dollars and cents, because it is so much more than that,” Mr de Groot said.

“But the reality is we do need money to ensure there poorest people on Earth are reached and empowered to help themselves out of poverty.”

In schools and parishes all across Australia people raised money through cake stalls, mud fights with teachers, bucket runs, car washes, raffles and sponsored sports events like Caritas Ks.

Funds raised throughout Project Compassion are used to protect the rights of women and children, educate people, create and protect livelihoods, build peace, improve the lives of disabled people, protect the environment and fund humanitarian emergency responses in more than 30 countries across Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Latin America and Australia.

“The sad truth is our work is never done,” Mr de Groot said.

But Australia’s commitment to The Common Good during Project Compassion 2012 ensures Caritas Australia will be stronger than ever.”

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