Prayers for Pakistan: Catholic Mission's disaster relief effort


 Catholic Mission Prayers for Pakistan News Story

Catholic Mission, the Australian arm of the Catholic Church's global mission aid agency, has appealed for prayers for the people of Pakistan in this time of national crisis.

Catholic Mission National Director Martin Teulan said after suffering so much in their daily lives with internal conflict violence and acts of terrorism, the people of Pakistan now face an even greater national emergency.

“The people, their homes and loved ones, have been unbelievably devastated through rising flood waters,” Mr Teulan said.

“The Indus River which is the symbol of life in their country is now a vast unstoppable flood plain ravaging all before it. In its wake, communities and food crops are being destroyed. Disease is sure to follow. Millions are homeless. Even as I write, the worst of this disaster is not known as the monsoonal rains are still falling and the river is still rising.”

Mr Teulan urged Christians to do all they can to help in the face of this great tragedy.

“The people of Pakistan are our neighbours as much as the people of the Haiti or the Philippines and Samoa are,” Mr Teulan said.

Catholic Mission has supported people on the ground for decades. Now they need our support and prayers to reach out to all, regardless of race or religion, to meet their present urgent needs and those in the future.”

Mr Teulan said that Catholic Mission has been working in Pakistan for numerous years supporting the fledging Church.

Catholics make up only one per cent of the population. This is a day when Muslim, Hindu and Christians are all challenged. We pray for the people of Pakistan that this crisis will pass quickly,” he said.

Last year, Catholic Mission supported the Church in Pakistan with $666,657 (AUD) in works with children, communities and church leaders.

A further $111,453 (AUD) is today funding 28 projects specifically for children in the area of health and nutrition; primary school education scholarships, especially favouring keeping young girls in school; boarding homes to provide education for children from rural areas; orphanages and work with street-children; and special homes for children with disabilities, helping a total of more than 4,225 children.

For more information on how you can support Catholic Mission's flood relief effort, visit or phone 1800 257 296.

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