Pope John Paul II: a parishioner's poem


Pope John Paul II 2004
Pope John Paul II in St Peter's Square, September 2004.
Photo: Radomił Binek (Wikimedia)

Pope John Paul II

In 1978 John Paul,

To the papacy was raised,

By his charm and by his talents,

We were dazzled and amazed.


There didn't seem much,

That he couldn't do.

Here are his talents,

To name just a few,


Hiking, acting, skiing,

Writing poems,

And the occasional book.

John Paul certainly made people,

Take notice and look.



He learnt with ease,

It seemed for him,

It was a breeze.


He knew that to God,

All credit is due,

Unlike proud men,

Who haven't a clue!


In Saint Peter’s Square,

On a sunny day,

A bullet rung out,

And came his way.


John Paul was in

A serious state,

The world was stunned,

By this act of hate.


By Our Lady of Fatima,

John Paul was protected,

Away from his organs,

The bullet deflected.


For many weeks,

We anxiously watched and prayed,

Hoping God's power,

Would soon be displayed.


A suspect was arrested,

And refused bail,

He was tried and convicted,

And then sent to jail.


When John Paul was recovered,

And again feeling well,

He visited the hit man,

In a Rome prison cell.


He showed us how,

Our enemies to forgive,

He showed us how,

God wants us to live.


This message is sorely,

In this world needed,

Where the Gospel of Christ,

Is often unheeded.


Under Lech Walesa,

And with support from the pope,

The Polish people formed trade unions,

With courage and with hope.


The mighty communist empire

Then crumbled down,

When John Paul again

stood on Polish ground.


In country after country,

The Communists lost power,

Freedom in Eastern Europe,

Then again began to flower.


History never saw,

A more travelled pope,

All over the world,

He brought faith and hope.


On John Paul,

Parkinson's disease

waged a war,

The once athletic pope,

Was vigorous no more.


On April two, two thousand and five

To Pope John Paul,

We said goodbye.

His soul to God,

Would now fly.


From mourners at his funeral,

Came a spontaneous call,

To immediately proclaim him,

As “Saint John Paul”.


In answer to prayer,

Favours John Paul, started to shower,

Demonstrating his great,

Intercessory power!


Mary Ann Matulis
Parishioner, St John Vianney Doonside

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