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Institute For Mission Pastoral Volunteers Training News Story

The key dynamics of pastoral care will be explored during a six-part course at Institute For Mission (IFM) - the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta's Centre for Catholic Adult Faith Formation - from Wednesday 20 July.

With presenters including Catholic Healthcare Mission & Pastoral Services Manager Dominic Arcamone and IFM Director Sr Maria Bongiorno IBVM, the Pastoral Care Volunteers Training course will also consider the core conditions and skills of pastrol care, and also explore the key touchstones to inform a faith-directed approach to pastoral care.

The course will be held each Wednesday 6.30pm to 9pm from 20 July to 24 August at IFM, 1-5 Marion Street Blacktown.

Course components include:

Week One

Exploring Key Dynamics of Pastoral Care

Presenter: Dominic Arcamone                                                                       

  • Pastoral care as person centered and not problem centered
  • Pastoral care as sharing our humanity through presence
  • Pastoral care as being present to the suffering other
  • Pastoral care as a form of caring: what do we mean by care?
  • Pastoral care as countercultural

Week Two

Exploring Key Core Conditions of Pastoral Care

Dominic Arcamone   

  • Empathy: what is it? How do I know I have it?
  • Warmth: what is it? How do I know I have it?
  • Genuineness: what is it? How do I know I have it?
  • Respect: what is it? How do I know I have it?

Week Three

Exploring the skills of pastoral care

Dominic Arcamone

  • What is the skill of active listening: do I have it? What do I need to do to get it?
  • The skill of gentle challenging: do I have it? What do I need to do to get it?

Week Four

Exploring Key touchstones to inform a faith directed approach to pastoral care

Dominic Arcamone

  • In Scripture
  • From Pope Benedict XVI
  • A realistic view of life
  • Welcome to all
  • A commitment to tradition
  • From  Pope Paul VI
  • Faith, hope and love
  • A sacramental view of life
  • Justice founded on mercy
  • Intelligent view of life

Week Five

Community and relationships

Maria Bongiorno IBVM and others

  • Pastoral sensitivity to the sacramental needs of the sick and elderly
  • Rite of communion of sick; Understanding and using Pastoral Care of the Sick: Rites of Anointing and Viaticum

Week Six

Basic Skills of Visitation

Maria Bongiorno IBVM and others

  • Style of pastoral visits
  • The pastoral place of prayer in ministry to the sick and elderly
  • The requirements of a public hospital of a Pastoral Care Volunteer
  • Personal reflection after each visitation and supervision
  • Confidentiality

Ministry to the Ageing

  • Experience of and response to ageing
  • Grieving losses in the context of faith
  • Ministry to the ageing in home and aged care facilities

Death and Dying

  • Enabling people to grieve well and walking with people who grieve

The course is free, but bookings are essential.

'To book, phone 02 9831 4911 or email

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