Openness to new ways of being Parish


The 'Faith in Our Future' Blog reports that despite State of Origin football, brave souls from the Parishes of Holy Name Parish Rydalmere and St Bernadette’s Dundas Valley braved the cold on Wednesday 23 May to engage with the issues of pastoral planning.

Attendees posed the question of how, as Parishes, do we know which families are in need? And how do we care for those families when their plight is known?

Family Life and Youth were the big issues for discussion. In terms of Supporting Family Life, an issue named was the need to turn and look outwards to the families attending Mass and most especially the need to look out for new families.

Discussion pointed to outreach to new and ethnic families and while there was a real openness for inclusion, it was felt that new pathways could be explored in terms of welcome such as forming a pastoral support group, welfare committee and/or family groups where areas of need can be met in a more personal environment.

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