News Video: Bishop Anthony speaks on voluntary euthanasia


The Bishop of Parramatta, Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP, has been interviewed by ABC TV’s 7.30 NSW about the Catholic Church’s stance against voluntary euthanasia law reform.

"If our doctors and nurses are going to be asked to be a part of killing some of their patients, that is a big change from what we've said healthcare is about till now," Bishop Anthony said in his interview with Quentin Dempster on Friday 25 November.

"If we change the law, which till now has had an absolute rule - 'we kill none of our citizens' - …that's a big change in our legal processes."

On the question of lawmakers, Bishop Anthony said it was the role of Members of Parliament to protect the vulnerable and the suffering.

"Euthanasia laws make the vulnerable more vulnerable and they make those who are suffering suffer even more," Bishop Anthony said.

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