Missing children cases on the rise in Pakistan: millions at risk


Catholic Mission News Story
Catholic Mission's news service Fides reports from Pakistan that the number of missing or lost children is rising alarmingly.

According to official estimates, children under 14 years affected by the floods are about six million, while UNICEF says the lives of more than 3.5 million children are at risk for infections and water contamination.

Many local NGOs have informed Fides of the plight of missing children, orphans, or sick, whose lives have been devastated by floods.

According to Shamsa Rizwan, a doctor in Islamabad and Pakistani head of the nongovernmental organisation Childhealth Advocacy International, one of the most urgent problems is that of nutrition, water and thousands of missing children that are unidentified.

"The chaos is the perfect opportunity for the networks of traffickers. Since the floods, the phenomenon of missing children has been increasing," Shamsa Rizwan said. "Children need protection, as they are the easiest prey."


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