Military Prayer Books for Catholic Military personnel


All Catholics throughout Australia are being given the chance to do something practical to assist Catholic members of the Australian Defence Force serving in Australia and overseas, by sponsoring specially designed, waterproof Military Prayer Books which will be made available at no cost to all Catholic serving members.

Knights of the Southern Cross (KSC) is raising funds to print 10,000 Military Prayer Books containing the revised translation of the Mass and prayers specific to military personnel, which are a source of support in their Faith journey and in times of need.

Some five years ago, the KSC (using funds raised and with the help of a private donation) provided 10,000 prayer books to the Australian Defence Force. They proved so popular with service personnel that there are only around six left.

Everyone can assist the KSC by sponsoring one or more prayer books at a cost of $4 each. Donations are tax deductible.

More information on the project is available at the KSC national website under the “What’s New” section. A brochure is available online for download. The sponsorship section can then be sent with a donation.

For those who do not have internet access, donations can be made by sending a cheque made payable to Armed Services Catholic Diocesan Revenue Fund to the KSC National Office, PO Box 216, Campbell ACT 2612, with your name, address and phone number. A tax receipt will be provided.

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