Malaysia Solution breaches UN Rights of the Child Convention


From Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese

Including unaccompanied children with the 800 asylum seekers the Australian Government plans to send to Malaysia as part of a refugee swap deal would not only endanger the youngsters' lives, but be in breach of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child to which Australia is a signatory, according to Father Jim Carty, Coordinator of the Marist Asylum Seekers and Refugee Services.

"The Minister for Immigration, Chris Bowen, automatically becomes the legal guardian of all unaccompanied children who arrive in Australia by boat as asylum seekers," Fr Carty said.

"But to then turn around and send them to a country with a shocking record on human rights, where their safety cannot be guaranteed, is not only an abrogation of his responsibility, it  is in clear breach of the UN Convention Australia promised to uphold."

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