Make some noise to make poverty history


Caritas Australia as part of the Make Poverty History coalition will be standing in solidarity and making some noise for the Millennium Development Goals from 17 to 19 September 2010.

For the fourth year in a row, millions of people worldwide will “Stand Up and Take Action” to bring about an end to poverty and achieve the MDGs.

Last year 225,334 Australians joined more than 173 million from around the world who refused to stay seated in the face of extreme poverty, creating a global movement which continues to grow and gain momentum.

Concerts, rallies, art exhibitions, church services, petitions and education activities all play a part in a greater global movement to eradicate poverty.

Caritas Australia’s ‘Be More’ team will be joining thousands of Sydneysiders at First Fleet Park at 12.30pm on Saturday 18 September with guest speakers, public performances, Indigenous music and stalls.

“This is a critical year for the MDGs with the UN Summit commencing just days after the global Stand Up events,” Caritas Australia Campaigns Coordinator Alex Engel said.

“There has been clear progress towards implementing the MDGs however their overall success is still far from assured, according to a recent United Nations MDG Progress Report. It’s important for politicians to see the commitment of the general public to this issue. So come join us and refuse to stay silent in the face of extreme poverty.”

Visit the Stand Up website to see how your church, school or community can take part.

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