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Mary MacKillop Primary School students in the spirit - and dress - of the 1800s.
From Catholic Education, Parramatta Diocese

A bus trip was more akin to a ride in a time machine for students of South Penrith's Mary MacKillop Primary when visiting Old Government House and Experiment Farm Cottage at Parramatta Park on Wednesday 15 June.

The Year 4 students, who are currently researching 'British Colonisation of Australia', donned period costumes for their visit, helping them better understand the life of settlers in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

Experiment Farm Cottage is located on the site of the first land grant in Australia, made in 1789 by Governor Phillip to the former convict, James Ruse.

By 1791 Ruse farmed the site as an experiment in self-sufficiency, proving that a new settler could feed and shelter his family with little government help to get started.

Old Government House is Australia's oldest public building and was known as the country residence for the first 10 Governors of the colony for 70 years.

Old Government House was built on Darug land, home to the Burramatta tribe and there is evidence of the fire stick management of land and trees which show the scars of bark used to carve canoes.

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