Love in marriage: the path to peace in the world


Marriage Sunday News Story
“Lord God, Your ambition for our marriage is so much grander than we could ever imagine! Fill us with Your purpose. Make us urgent for deeper intimacy! Amen.”

The Catholic Diocese of Parramatta has set Sunday 14 August as Marriage Sunday, providing the faith community with an opportunity to highlight the vocation of marriage and celebrate and acknowledge the married members of all Parishes within the Diocese.

CatholicCare Social Services - Diocese of Parramatta has been providing a kit of materials to Parishes to help promote the value and importance of marriage in society today.

In our Catholic tradition marriage is a sacrament, where husband and wife experience the presence of God displayed in their love for one another and their children.

Social science research has shown that marriage is an important social good, associated with an impressively broad array of positive outcomes for children and adults alike.

The faithful throughout the Diocese are invited to check with their local Parish team for more information about how your Parish community plans to acknowledge and affirm marriage on Sunday 14 August 2011.

When there is love in a marriage, there is harmony in the home;
When there is harmony in the home, there is contentment in the community;
When there is contentment in the community, there is prosperity in the nation; When there is prosperity in the nation, there is peace in the world.”

Chinese proverb

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