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The Little Brown Book
'The Little Brown Book - Mary MacKillop’s spirituality in our everyday lives': A review by Maria Lucy

The Little Brown Book is a ‘pot of gold’! The subtitle gives us a direct clue to the contents of this little treasure, “Mary MacKillop’s spirituality in our everyday lives”. The foreword, written by Sister Anne Derwin, Congregational Leader for the Sisters of St Joseph, captures the essence of this wonderful work. She writes:

Each reflection begins with an experience that most of us share in some way. The richness of the Christian tradition, in the scripture passages and in the words and example of Mary MacKillop, then give a context which help us reflect more deeply on those experiences and perhaps move to some further responses in our lives, whether that response be one of the heart or one of behaviour.’

The 175 pages are filled with great wisdom and thoughtfulness, combined with an obviously deep love of both Scripture and of Mary MacKillop. Sue and Leo Kane have used the experiences of their own journey of faith and their spirituality to bring about a powerful resource for busy Christians. The book contains individual themes on each page; this is useful as it provides the user with an opportunity to complete a reading and reflection in the time available to them.

The 74 reflections focus the reader toward a quirky topic, like, Good God! It’s Morning! No! Good Morning. God!  (reflection 22) This reflection begins with a statement with which most of us would probably agree:  'I really find it hard to pray in the morning.’ The authors move through this reflection inviting the reader to recognise that it is good to ask Lord, teach us to pray(Lk 11:1)  We are reminded in this reflection that we can value what has happened for us in the day and thank God for it as Mary MacKillop so often did: Today God has been so good to me (1874) Gratitude is the memory of the heart (1907) Our good God sees the heart (1871)

This small treasure could be a ready tool for all busy Christian workers. A book worth reading.

The book is published by St Paul's Publication 2009, ISBN 9781921472268.


Maria Lucy's review of 'God will take care of us all – A Spirituality of Mary MacKillop'

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