Laura leads way to Rome for Canonisation


Laura Wonson (right) and mum Kayleen
Laura Wonson (right) and her mum, Kayleen, are preparing to visit Rome for the Canonisation of Mary MacKillop on 17 October.

Penrith's St Nicholas of Myra Primary Year 6 Student Laura Wonson's first overseas trip is likely to always remain one of her most memorable - travelling to Rome for the Canonisation of Australia's first Saint.

Laura joins St Marys Lady of the Rosary Primary's Brandon Sheehan as one of two students from the Parramatta Diocese who have been chosen to attend Mary MacKillop's Canonisation in St Peter's Square on 17 October.

Laura and mum Kayleen will travel with more than 50 people from the Parramatta Diocese, after Laura was selected by St Nicholas of Myra Primary principal Anne Hines to represent the Diocese on the pilgrimage.

Anne will also accompany Laura and Kayleen on the trip and, because of the school’s historical relationship with Mary, their costs will be covered by the Diocese. Mary MacKillop was one of the first teachers at St Nicholas of Myra Primary, which was founded in 1852. The school was also run by the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, the Order Mary founded, from 1880.

"Laura is one of our student leaders. She is well-regarded within the school community and is very deserving of this privilege," Anne said.

Laura, who herself would like to be primary teacher, was in disbelief when she was told that she would be going to Rome.

"I couldn’t believe it,’"Laura said. "I am excited and very proud to be representing my school at such a special event. Mary is a great inspiration for all of us."

In the lead up to Mary’s Canonisation, Laura and her school peers have been learning more about Australia’s first Saint. Laura has also been reading up on Rome and is counting down the days until her first overseas trip.

While in Rome, Laura and the other Diocesan pilgrims will visit the Vatican Museum, St Peter's, St Paul's outside the Walls and St John Lateran's Basilicas, the Colesseum, the Forum, Catecombs as well as a day trip to Assisi.

The highlight of the trip, of course, will be sitting in St Peter's Square for the Mass on 17 October, when Mary Mackillop and four others will be canonised as Saints by Pope Benedict XVI.

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