Hundreds participate in consultations at Mt Druitt and Mt Druitt South


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On Sunday 26 August, a remarkable 290 people took part in the consultation sessions held for the Parishes of Holy Family Mt Druitt and Sacred Heart Mt Druitt South, offering written responses toward the Diocesan Pastoral Plan.

Our thanks goes to both parish priests, Father Ed Dooley SJ and Father Carl Ashton, as well as to their parish teams for encouraging participation in the process over a number of weeks and ensuring the wisdom and imagination of their communities were able to enter into a developing communal vision for our life as Church in the coming years.

The priority of family life was the focus of the responses gathered to date, with almost half of the responses looking at ways in which children and families as a whole might be supported in their worship of God, their understanding of the faith and their living of that faith in everyday life.

The care for one another in these communities was affirmed as a strength, while challenges including encouraging the reading of Scripture, supporting family members overseas as an expression of mission, and the need of more programs to engage youth and younger children in the faith. Family retreats were also raised as a need among others.

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