High Court's Malaysia ruling: opportunity for new asylum paradigm


In the light of the High Court's Malaysia decision the Edmund Rice Centre has invited the nation's political leaders to chart a new asylum-seeker policy direction.

“The High Court ruling on deportations to Malaysia should serve as call to reflection by the major parties to forge a new policy framework – focussed on compassion, empathy and respect for the human dignity of the vulnerable,” Edmund Rice Centre director, Phil Glendenning said.

“The Edmund Rice Centre calls on the major political parties to respect the full significance of the Court's ruling by moving away from the bipartisan commitment to 'deterrence', in favour of a new paradigm through which Australia can recognise the vulnerability of arriving asylum-seekers and offer them a humanitarian and just response.

“It is time for political leadership that is once again prepared to lead with honour – that is willing to engage the electorate with values-based community education – debunking the untruths, and making the case for compassion and empathy.”

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