Gov's safe return for Afghan Asylum Seekers 'an absurdity'


Marist Asylum Seeker Refugee Centre News Story
Asylum seekers approaching Christmas Island
From Catholic Communications,
Sydney Archdiocese

Marist Asylum Seeker Refugee Centre has hit out at Government plans to deport failed Afghan asylum seekers back to their homeland and says any claims that these people will be protected and safe is an "absurdity."

Father Jim Carty, co-ordinator of the centre, also warns that in fear for their lives if forced to return to Afghanistan, many Afghans currently held in Australia's detention centres may resort of self-harm or even suicide.

Despite Government claims to the contrary, does not believe the new policy of involuntary deportation will deter other Afghans from seeking out people smugglers and risking their lives in unseaworthy craft in a bid to find safety for themselves and their families.

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