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Fr Bray Requiem Mass News Story
Photo: Shelly A Barnes

Fr Rod Bray was farewelled with a Requiem Mass at in St Margaret Mary's Church in Merrylands on Friday 2 September, following a Vigil Mass at the church the night before.

The much-loved Parish Priest of St Margaret Mary’s Merrylands died on 27 August 2011. Only one month earlier, Fr Bray celebrated the 50th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood.

The Bishop of Paramatta, Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP, was the principal celebrant at the Requiem Mass.

"When I celebrated Mass for Fr Bray's 50th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood I wondered aloud how many absolutions he had given since Cardinal Gilroy anointed his hands all those years ago?," Bishop Anthony said in his homily.

"How many tongues received from those hands the Body and Blood of Christ (Jn 6:51-58), how many foreheads the waters of Baptism or oil of the sick, how many hearts the sign of the cross in blessing? How many times, through those hands, did bread and wine become that most precious Sacrament? 20,000 times!

"How many lives, too, did he join in matrimony, how many hearts did he counsel with wise words, how many souls did he commend to the dust and to God? Hundreds of thousands, I guess, a countless multitude, that ‘many’ described in the new words of the Consecration.

"His journey to God started when another priest, 73 years ago, poured water in the name of the Blessed Trinity; and when a good Catholic family, a parish and a generous adolescent heart offered him to God for whatever God had planned for him."

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Bouquet of balloons for Fr Bray

Fr Bray Requiem News Story
Fr Bray is buried in the Catholic Cemetery at Rookwood. Photo: Shelly A. Barnes. Photo: Shelly A Barnes

By Shelly Barnes

Fr Bray was fond of sharing with the congregation the story of his fourth birthday celebrations. In the middle of the war effort, whilst all rubber supplies were being used by the armed forces, Fr Bray's dad managed to get four blue balloons for his son’s birthday party.

These were tied on to the ceiling light and Fr Bray said he had never in all his young years seen anything so magnificent.

The children went out to play and when they came back inside to cut the birthday cake, one of the older boys came in with a stick and to Fr Bray's complete shock, all he heard was POP, POP, POP, POP as his beautiful balloons exploded.

When telling this story in his homily, Fr Bray asked us to please make sure that at his funeral he did have four blue balloons.


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