Fire of the Holy Spirit gives warmth to our hearts

16/10/2012 More than 40,000 people participated in the candlelight procession organised by the "Catholic Action" movement.

From Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese

Pope Benedict XVI has addressed a packed St Peter's Square where people gathered for a candlelight vigil celebrating the 50th anniversary the Second Vatican Council and the start of the Year of Faith.

Looking out from his apartment window at the Vatican, the Holy Father spoke to the thousands of people gathered in the Square holding candles in the still and clear night.

He told them that 50 years ago on this night he too was in the Square with his eyes turned toward this window, as the Good Pope, Pope John, spoke those unforgettable words - full of poetry, of goodness, words from his heart.

"We were all happy that night and full of enthusiasm - the great ecumenical council had begun, and we were sure of a new springtime for the Church, a new Pentecost with a new presence of the liberating grace from the Gospel," the Holy Father said.

"The fire of the Holy Spirit, the fire of Christ is never one that devours nor a destructive one. It's a quiet fire, a small flame of goodness, of goodness and truth, that transforms with its light and warmth. We have seen that the Lord doesn't forget us - even today, his way is humble. The Lord is present, he gives warmth to our hearts, shows us life, creates charisms of goodness and charity that shine in our world, which are for us a guarantee of the goodness of God."

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