Families must come first in new school funding model: NCEC


Commenting at the release today of the much anticipated Gonski Report on Funding for Schooling, the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) Chair Therese Temby said that this was just the start of the process, and much work remains to be done.

“This is a major piece of work and a roadmap for a way forward,” Mrs Temby said.

“There are key questions that remain unanswered. Substantial analysis needs to be done to test the model and the report’s recommendations.”

Mrs Temby said in its response to the report, the Government had recognised that families face financial pressures and do not wish to see school fees rise beyond their reach.

“One in five Australian children attends a Catholic school, and Catholic schools already operate at 90 per cent of the resources available in government schools,” Mrs Temby said.

“We will be working hard during the consultation phase to ensure we do not end up with a model that has the potential to put pressure on school fees for parents in Catholic schools.”

Mrs Temby said the NCEC strongly backed the Gonski panel’s call for an additional $5 billion in funding for all schools.

“School funding reform of the magnitude suggested by the Gonski panel is not achieved by simply adjusting the current arrangements,” she said.

“We call on the Australian Government to show strong leadership by committing increased funding for schools sooner rather than later.

“We look forward to working with everyone with a stake in this enterprise. We all share a common goal to deliver high-quality education, and to provide every young Australian with the educational experiences they need to reach their potential.”

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