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More than 60 people from the Parishes of St Nicholas of Myra Penrith, St Joseph’s Kingswood and Corpus Christi Cranebrook took part in a Diocesan Pastoral Planning consultation on Wednesday 22 August in Penrith.

There was keen recognition of the challenges for the social dimensions of faith, including online communities and competing sporting groups and social groups, however there was also a commitment to share the Gospel and best of our tradition at every opportunity.

In terms of the priority of family life, one response to the above challenges was for social activities in parishes to purposefully engage with the issues of welcome, belonging, life-stage support groups and, more specifically, to reinitiate mothers’ groups, playgroups and to look anew at current opportunities including the Passionist Family groups among others.

Animation and attitude key to evangelisation

Faith in Our Future Penrith News Story

Those who looked at the mission of a new evangelisation affirmed the need to name the contact points for evangelisation, including our sacramental programs which reach across school, family and parish and baptismal preparation and other liturgical moments such as marriage which were viewed as ‘prime times’ for evangelising.

It was here that the point was strongly made that we, as Catholics, need to express the joy of being Catholic, that our animation and attitude are key to good evangelisation.

We need to promote joyful, loving and welcoming communities in our own parishes where people know each other and express this visibly. We also need much more personal engagement at a personal level to encourage people back to Church and that one-on-one, personal invitation is critical to people returning to the Church. Engaging in topical talks on issues of the day attracted many people, an experience that the people of Penrith appreciated in recent months.

We thank the keen and enthusiastic parishioners who participated in this consultation. It was even more poignant to reflect on the past and future of parish communities given the transition of clergy at Penrith and Kingswood Parishes in recent times. In this respect, there was gratefulness for the ministry of Fr Chris de Souza over many years and also Fr John Watkins, and anticipation of the ministry of incoming clergy to Penrith, Fr Mathew Antony and Fr Jose Mandalay.

We certainly look forward to sharing the summary of the night’s discussion with the priests and people of this region for their future pastoral life and mission.

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