Diocesan Administrator’s Letter to the SMH Editor on same-sex marriage


Letter to the Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald from the Diocesan Administrator

Dear Sir/Madam,

As Diocesan Administrator for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, I take offence by the sentiments expressed in the 25/05/2015 editorial Same-sex marriage: let the people decide if politicians won’t.

These views demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of the position of the Catholic Church on same-sex marriage. Further, some of the comments are not only wrong, but also go against the hard work of Catholic clergy and Catholic laypeople in working with the LGBTQI community.

As an organisation, The Catholic Church has brought over two centuries of experience and skill in working the marginalised and other minorities. One clear example is the pioneering work our clergy have carried out over the years with people suffering from HIV/AIDS.

The notion the Catholic Church cannot discuss same-sex marriage because of child sexual abuse is totally absurd. Over 5 million people in Australia identify as Catholic and we are obliged to represent their views. To suggest the Catholic Church should be excluded from this debate is discriminatory.

The reality is, as a society, we do not know the social ramifications (decades from now) of the changes to the definition of marriage. This form of forced social engineering could have consequences we today have not yet considered.

Yours faithfully,


Very Rev Peter G. Williams
Diocesan Administrator
Diocese of Parramatta

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