Cultivating faith within the family at Rooty Hill and Doonside


The 'Faith in Our Future' Blog reports that 47 Parishioners from St Aidan’s Rooty Hill and St John Vianney Doonside took part in a pastoral planning consultation on Thursday 14 June.

It was raised that, as Parishes, we are many parts of the One Body and that these parts need to interact more for a common purpose.

Some existing faith practices being celebrated between St Aidan’s and St John Vianney Parishes include the Junior Legion of Mary and Holy Hour/All-night Eucharistic Adoration, and the idea of more inter-parish events was suggested.

The theme of the need to catechise families with the critical role of parents handing on faith came through on a number of occasions during the evening.

In support of family life, it was felt that parents don’t bring their children to the faith and that parents forget they have to answer for their children’s faith/lack of faith.

It was proposed that we need to start within – from where we are – in our own family and then share it with other families.

Some of the ways this could be done was through role modelling important values of our Catholic faith, reading the daily Gospels, and keeping families together in the faith through maintaining traditions such as Holy Days of obligation and feast days.

It was suggested that forming choirs for the Parish was another way of keeping families together in the faith.

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