Classification system review 'an opportunity to protect children'


The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has welcomed the review of the classification system announced by the Attorney-General this week.

“It is not only changes to technology, media convergence and global access that justify this, but the complete failure of our current system," ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said.

“When Donald McDonald, as the Classification Board Chair, is repeatedly unable to explain the presence of sexual reward in games and issues like simulated paedophilia in films, when both are specifically forbidden, the system and its enforcement need completely revising.”

Mr Wallace said he was hopeful that the review would include assessing the improvements in technology that permit better control of content.

“Only this week ISPs in the United Kingdom have acknowledged they amazingly can filter pornography from the converging media of internet, phone and TV, despite years of denial like their Australian counterparts,” Mr Wallace said.

“It is amazing how the threat of legislation or enforcement can advance technology.

“Hopefully this review will look for similar opportunities to protect children.”

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