Catholic school principals called in on school holidays to tackle NSW State Government’s funding cuts


Catholic Education Parramatta News Story

The Executive Director of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Parramatta, Greg Whitby, has called a special meeting of principals of the diocese’s 78 primary and secondary schools on the first day of the school holidays to discuss the NSW state government’s planned cuts to school funding.

Mr Whitby said the proposed cuts were the most immediate concern for Catholic schools in the Western Sydney region.

"This is the most challenging issue today facing school leaders in the provision of quality Catholic schooling in Western Sydney but also has serious implications for all schools across all sectors," Mr Whitby said.

"We need to ensure we can minimise the impact of these cuts on our students, teachers and families, particularly those attending schools in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the state.

"The NSW Government seems determined to proceed with these cuts.

"This extraordinary meeting is an opportunity for principals and education office staff to come together and discuss the key issues in order to work through a strategy of how we can effectively respond so our students and teachers don’t lose out."

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