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The Catholic Diocese of Parramatta was a generous supporter of the Australian arm of the Catholic Church's global mission aid agency last year, raising more than $573,000 for Catholic Mission.

Catholic Mission’s 2010 Annual Report also showed that fundraising by Catholic Schools of the Diocese contributed a further $4,313 last year.

Overall, total revenue for Catholic Mission in 2010 reached $18.28 million, an increase of $5.33 million from 2009 figures.

“The amount of $18.28 million is a record for Catholic Mission’s fundraising and income from other sources in Australia,” Catholic Mission National Director Martin Teulan said.

“We are very grateful to our supporters as they offer us their prayers, donations and encouragement in the same spirit of fidelity and trust.”

Mr Teulan extended his thanks to everyone who has worked in the parishes and schools of the Diocese of Parramatta in helping the mission cause.

In mission, we are sharing the Catholic faith, caring for people in need and acting for justice and creation. Our mission is possible because of our supporters,” Mr Teulan said.

“Our donors support the work of the missionaries, the training of seminarians and catechists, and the subsidising of essential parish works and community infrastructure.”

Catholic Mission is part of the global network of the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) formed 189 years ago in France and today spread throughout the world. The PMS operates in 160 countries and Australia’s contribution supports missionary works in 131 dioceses in 37 countries, including Australia.

In 2010, Catholic Mission Australia assisted more than two million Catholics in their spiritual growth and outreach to others.

Highlights in the annual report include Catholic Mission’s funding of:

  • A total of 507,414 children in their spiritual and practical needs
  • A total of 9,203 catechists and 3,983 seminarians in training
  • The building, upkeep and maintenance of 79 churches, presbyteries and pastoral centres and 15 religious convents
  • Subsidies for 17 Catholic radio and TV broadcasters

Mr Teulan said the 2010 report offers an insight into the diversity of projects funded from Australia, both locally and in Thailand, Pakistan, Timor-Leste, the Solomons, Haiti and Bolivia, Ethiopia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The report also contains information about Catholic Mission's extensive resources to schools and opportunities for Australians to experience cross-cultural immersion and mission exposure.

Download Catholic Mission 2010 Annual Report Download Catholic Mission 2010 Annual Report

For a printed version of the annual report, contact Catholic Mission via post at PO Box 1668 North Sydney NSW 2059, or by phoning 1800 257 296.

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