Catholic Church looks to better future in Egypt


In an interview with ZENIT, Catholic Coptic Patriarch of Alexandria Cardinal Antonios Naguib says the Church is looking for a better future for all Egyptians.

Speaking on Friday after President Hosni Mubarak stepped down, Cardinal Naguib said the Catholic Church in Egypt has firmly denounces the violence and vandalism, but is encouraging a climate of national fraternity and constructive dialogue.

"We should promote the spirit of active participation in social life, especially through the duty to vote and all the other national duties," Cardinal Naguib said.

"As everywhere else, and especially in our country, the Church particularly serves the poorest and the most vulnerable and takes care of them. The youth and the other citizens participating in the demonstrations are not poor and desperate. There are people participating from all levels.

"We hope that the basic demands of the youth and the majority of the intellectuals and politicians are met by a civil state based on citizenship, justice, equality and democracy; by the constitutional, legislative, administrative and social reforms that achieve this goal practically.

"This is what guarantees security and safety for all, and allows the social justice and the distribution of public goods to the needy."

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