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In his latest CathBlog, Catholic Diocese of Parramatta Social Justice Office Co-ordinator Evan Ellis says Father Chris Riley is right to point to education and counselling as a help for problem gamblers, but is wrong to insist that it’s the “only way”.

"Father Chris Riley’s decision to back Clubs Australia’s campaign against the Federal Government’s proposed poker machine reforms has surprised many. The smiling face of the Youth off the Streets founder will now adorn the signature green, gold and white flyers of the Clubs and Pubs campaign," Evan writes.

"After the shock wore off, I found the candour refreshing. Here was a man disagreeing with the proposed changes and nailing his colours to the mast – a healthy starting point for debate if ever there was.

"Also, in terms of speaking with credibility about the darker realities of our communities, few can match his experience. His name has become a byword for hope in often hopeless situations; someone who saves lives by transforming them.

"Nonetheless, I can’t bring myself to agree with him on this."

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