Calling for nominations for the Australian Catholic Council for Lay Pastoral Ministry


The Bishops Commission for Church Ministry is seeking nominations of suitably skilled and qualified people for the Australian Catholic Council for Lay Pastoral Ministry (ACCLPM).

This advisory body to the Bishops Commission for Church Ministry,

supports, promotes and provides education and accreditation for lay people who see pastoral ministry as their vocation – whether paid or voluntary. (Lay Pastoral Ministers are defined as pastoral leaders; lay ecclesial ministers; pastoral associates; diocesan pastoral workers; youth workers; lay chaplains, sacramental coordinators and other specialists in parish‐based ministry).

‐ Mandate of the Australian Catholic Council for Lay Pastoral Ministry, 2011.

The Bishops Commission for Church Ministry will seek expert advice from this Council to develop resources and projects that will support, assist and promote lay ministry throughout the Church in Australia. Positions will be chosen on the basis of expertise and experience and will show a balance in terms of gender, lay and religious and geographical representation. Membership of the ACCLPM includes one bishop from the Bishops Commission for Church Ministry, one priest and five lay pastoral ministers, one from each province. It is expected that members be able to attend quarterly meetings. Upon appointment, members of the ACCLPM should desirably be able to serve for at least three years with the possibility of being appointed for a second term. All costs arising from membership of the Council will be met by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. Membership is honorary.

Please consider completing the nomination form and forward the name of an appropriate person for membership on the ACCLPM. A list of suggested criteria for consideration when nominating a person to this council and the nomination form can be found below. Your nomination would be appreciated by Wednesday 14 September 2011.

Suggested criteria for consideration when nominating ACCLPM members

  • Expertise in one or more of the following areas: spirituality, theology (particularly in the area of ecclesiology), Scripture, pastoral formation, psychology, anthropology and social analysis.
  • A spirit of prayerful discernment
  • A spirit of creative engagement in the pastoral and theological possibilities offered in the national context
  • A respect for the roles of both clergy and laity and the spirit of co‐responsibility in these roles
  • Has the respect of many of those engaged in lay pastoral ministry in their province
  • Participates in peer support activities eg. As a member of an association, or ongoing formation activities such as conferences
  • Has a broad vision of church, acknowledging the diversity within it
  • Possesses good communication and advocacy skills to represent issues relating to clergy and lay pastoral ministers
  • Has an understanding of policies, procedures and HR issues
  • Has experience of Parish life and an awareness of State procedures around Accreditation and Ministry Formation in order to represent each province effectively
  • Is able to work with others and to delegate
  • Is able to plan and organise national events and conferences
  • Is able to write material suitable for publication
  • Is able to use technology effectively for communication and liaison purposes
  • Is able to work well in a team environment
  • Availability to travel to meetings of the Council
  • Availability for teleconferences

(It is not expected that every member of the Council will have expertise in all areas of responsibility.However, it would be important that the required expertise would be represented within the whole membership of the Council.)

Download Nomination Form Download Nomination Form

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