Building Communities of Faith in Plumpton


The 'Faith in Our Future' Blog reports that Parishioners were eager to engage with the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta's Pastoral Planning process at the consultation held at Good Shepherd Plumpton on Thursday 19 April.

In particular, participants commented on the potential of the Diocese given the youthfulness of Parramatta Catholics, the vitality of many Parishes, including at Plumpton, as well as the availability of the Catholic school system.

The presence and energy of faith and life groups such as the Legion of Mary were noted, as well as the rich experience of ethnic and cultural diversity at Good Shepherd Parish, reflecting to a great degree the vibrancy of the wider Diocese.

The need to foster the integration of these diverse groups was raised as an ongoing challenge, with personal exchange being affirmed as critical to a shared sense of community and a unified mission.

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