Broken Bay Institute launches Adult Faith Online


‘Connecting us to truth and to each other’

A survey of 1,000 eConference participants has been the catalyst for the launch of The Broken Bay Institute’s Adult Faith Online project, a far-reaching instrument of faith renewal and spiritual growth.

When The Broken Bay Institute (BBI) hosted 2011’s eConference ‘Matthew following Jesus’, it attracted participants in 20 different countries and an overwhelmingly positive amount of feedback, according to BBI Director Dr Gerard Goldman.

“As a theological distance education provider, BBI felt we’d made an invaluable connection with Catholics across the world; that we’d tapped into this deep thirst for more spiritual growth,” Dr Goldman said.

The survey BBI sent out yielded some very specific requests.

“They wanted short courses that were relevant, challenging, topical and current,” Dr Goldman said.

“They wanted to be able to access them at home, or in a group at the parish, and to feel they were part of a large social network where ideas and learning is exchanged online. In effect they said, ‘We want to connect with truth and to each other’.”

Respondents also insisted that the price entry shouldn’t be prohibitive, but affordable to all.

“Overall, respondents embrace the technology,” Dr Goldman said.

“While half said they’d prefer lessons on paper, almost 90 per cent said they’d definitely use an online course if it were available to them.”

Dr Goldman said other clear parameters were that ‘it shouldn’t be too long or academic in nature’ with 75 per cent specifying, ‘short courses broken into short lessons”. Almost all agreed that whatever the learning method used, ‘there should be no assignments please!’.

All courses that BBI has launched online meet these particulars, as well as being inclusive of the usual internet wizardry of using embedded films, graphics, art, and links to relevant primary documents, maps and reference books.

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