Bishops welcome funding floor for Catholic Schools to 2013


Catholic Schools Funding Floor News Story
The Bishops Commission for Catholic Education has welcomed Labor's commitment to maintaining current Catholic school funding indexation measures until the end of 2013.

Prime Minister Julian Gillard yesterday undertook to maintain current Catholic school funding indexation measures until the end of 2013. She also said that there would continue to be a ‘transparent and robust’ indexation system for all schools from 2014.

Bishops Commission for Catholic Education Chairman Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ said the Prime Minister's commitment has provided Catholic schools with an interim funding floor for 2013.

"This certainly helps schools with their planning," Bishop O'Kelly said. "Catholic schools and systems need stable and secure funding from the Commonwealth to enable us to meet our obligations under the National Declaration of Educational Goals for Young Australians.

"We will work hard to ensure that the indexation system from 2014 is fair and reasonable, as well as transparent and robust, for Catholic schools, and indeed for all schools.”

In April, as the then Education Minister, Julia Gillard said that no school would lose a dollar of Commonwealth funding following the Review of Funding for Schooling she was announcing.

“This was a welcome promise, but it left Catholic schools unsure about the value of future Commonwealth grants – would they continue to keep pace with inflation and increasing costs such as salaries and basic operating expenses?” Bishop O’Kelly said.

“The National Catholic Education Commission is committed to working with the expert Funding Review Panel in 2010 and 2011 to advise on all aspects of school funding, including the question of proper indexation of grants of schools."

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