Bishop’s Oxford Address: ‘Ageist’ health care discriminates against the elderly


Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP, delivers the Anscombe Memorial Lecture 2012 at St Johns College, Oxford University on 15 October. Bishop Anthony’s lecture was titled “Fair innings? Healthcare rationing in favour of the young over the elderly”.

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Western nations must resist the pressure to "scapegoat, abandon, even kill, the elderly as a cost-cutting measure," the Bishop of Parramatta, Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP, said in a major bioethics lecture in England, reports the Catholic News Service.

Bishop Anthony a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, said health economists and utilitarian philosophers were placing the elderly at risk by treating them as a "swarm of voracious but unworthy consumers of a resource which doctors must guard from them."

Delivering the 2012 Anscombe Memorial Lecture at St John's College, Oxford University, he accused health economists who focused disproportionately on costs of "showing us how to get most efficiently to the wrong place."

"In the process we may be led to compromise basic moral principles against killing, harming and abandoning, and favoring respect for the dignity and equality of all, promotion of health, reverence for the elderly and support for the disadvantaged," Bishop Anthony said in his lecture on Monday.

"We should resist that pressure now by a strong insistence that age will not be a criterion of health care distribution," he said.

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