Bishop’s book a ‘Catholic road map’ on bioethics


From Rome Reports

Euthanasia, healthcare systems, and abortion are controversial issues no matter where you're from. They evoke strong feelings by religious and secular communities alike.

In his new book Catholic Bioethics for a New Millennium, Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP says that bioethical issues concerns everyone, but they're often approached in very different ways.

“The concerns of the Africans are very different from the concerns of Americans, Australians and Europeans,” Bishop Anthony told Rome Reports during his recent visit to the Vatican.

“For them the issues are nowhere near having universal health coverage. For them, the issues are how can you get basic vaccinations to everyone, clean water and nutritious food.”

In his book, Bishop Fisher sets out a ‘road map’ for Catholics on the different approaches toward these sensitive issues. His advice on bioethics comes from the expertise of his fellow members from the Pontifical Academy for Life.

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