Bishop Manning's CathBlog: The Catholic vote?


Most Rev Bishop Kevin Manning DD
Bishop Emeritus of Parramatta, Most Rev Kevin Manning DD.
In his latest CathBlog, Most Rev Kevin Manning DD, Bishop Emeritus of Parramatta, says an understanding of Catholic Social Teaching helps Catholics to make informed choices on the myriad of issues, including unemployment, euthanasia, homelessness, homosexual marriage and access to basic resources.

"The first principle is the dignity of the human person," Bishop Manning writes. "Catholics believe that every human person is created in the image of God. Skin colour, place of origin, intellect, family wealth – none of these matter because none confers greater dignity than the dignity with which we are born.

"This conviction allows us to scrutinise all policies and proposals from the fundamental perspective: do they recognise and promote the dignity of the human person?"

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