Bishop Manning's CathBlog: Humbled Church still has moral authority


Most Rev Kevin Manning DD
Bishop Emeritus of Parramatta, Most Rev Kevin Manning DD.
In his latest CathBlog, Most Rev Kevin Manning DD, Bishop Emeritus of Parramatta says that despite the scandals and challenges endured by the Church, she must continue to contribute to the ethical framework of society and continue her mission of proclaiming the truth of Christ.

"The Church is charged with preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that is why she cannot keep silent," Bishop Manning writes. "She has a duty to teach doctrine to Catholics and to nurture their sacramental and liturgical life. The Gospel does not permit silence in the face of global injustice nor ‘no comment’ in the beginning and end of life issues where the sanctity of human life is under threat.

"She must continue to contribute to the ethical framework of a society so that abortion and, now, euthanasia are not treated as purely private matters. As humble servants of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all Catholics must take courage, speak up and witness to the true message of Jesus.

"Above all, the Church has the duty, in love, to serve to the vast majority of Catholics and the vast majority of priests who have not been caught up in the sex abuse scandals and who continue to look to the Church for their spiritual nourishment, welfare and for guidance in setting their moral compass."

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