Bishop Manning's CathBlog: 'The Bible is our access to God'


Most Rev Kevin Manning DD
Bishop Emeritus of Parramatta, Most Rev Kevin Manning DD.
In his latest CathBlog, Most Rev Kevin Manning DD, Bishop Emeritus of Parramatta, comments on the major obstacles which inhibit our ability to hear God’s Word.

"I have often wondered how informed, dedicated and accepting Christians might be if the brain-numbing efforts of the world of commercial advertising were applied to the selling of the Word of God," Bishop Manning writes.

"Priests, deacons and catechists, especially, should immerse themselves in the Scripture by constant sacred reading and diligent study. Likewise, the Christian faithful should not neglect frequent reading of the Scriptures. As St Jerome has said: 'Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.'"

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