Bishop Manning's CathBlog: 'Aussie battler' Mary misses the point


Most Rev Kevin Manning DD
Bishop Emeritus of Parramatta, Most Rev Kevin Manning DD.
In his latest CathBlog, Most Rev Kevin Manning DD, Bishop Emeritus of Parramatta, says that amid the pageantry and patriotism surrounding our celebration of Mary MacKillop's path to Sainthood, it is important to focus on the actual reason for her upcoming Canonisation - her holiness.

"Mary MacKillop became a saint not because she was a great horsewoman, or a rebel against the bishops, but because of the holiness of her life, a holiness which is possible for each of us. Her life challenges all of us to a radical personal and social renewal," Bishop Manning writes.

"At the time of her beatification, Mary was promoted as a ‘traditional Aussie battler’ rebelling against authority. Such typecasting did not serve her well because it did not reflect the truth.

"Mary’s letters do not show her feeling victimised, or badly done by, but reflect her serenity, her confidence, courage and determination that she was right in what she was doing because God wanted her to do so."

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