Bishop Anthony’s 2012 Christmas Video Message


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God is so tiny!

We think of God as big, bigger than anything. More powerful, infinitely powerful. Everywhere, in everything. Ancient, everlasting.

Yet at Christmas He is a tiny baby. At Christmas He is as powerless as the most powerless human being. At Christmas He is in a crib in nowheresville. At Christmas He is brand new.

Christians call Jesus ‘the Word of God’ because He is God speaking to us, God communicating His love for us. Yet His first communication was the cry of a newborn baby!

By choosing to become one of us, a helpless child in a crib, Jesus allowed us to see how noble is the human being. Sure, we are limited. We make mistakes. We sin. Our Church at the moment is ashamed of crimes even in its own ranks.

Yet the baby Jesus shows us that we are made for more and better than this. God came in the image of a human being to remind us that we are made in the image of God. God made Himself one with us so that we might be raised up to being one with Him.

And God, made a tiny baby, will always side with the little ones in our world: the unborn, disabled, dying. The refugees, unemployed, those in detention. The lonely, anxious, sick of body or heart. The victims of violence, child abuse or neglect.

For all the voiceless He is the Word. For all the powerless, He will use His power. Where others strike, He will show mercy.

The newness, innocence, vulnerability – the sheer tinyness of God in a crib in Bethlehem – says all this to us.

I pray that the infinite yet tiny God, the vulnerable yet all-powerful God, the ancient yet newborn God, will bring you hope this Christmas.

May this most innocent and purest of babies call us back to innocence and to love for Him and all His little ones.

God bless you and your loved ones in the New Year ahead.

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