Ben Hur: the epic legend with a stage to match


Ben Hur Stadium Specatular
A scene from the 2006 Stade de France production of Ben Hur. Now, the legend - and the spectacular - comes to Sydney for two nights only.

Ben Hur, the timeless story of truly biblical proportions is about to take to a stage like no other.

ANZ Stadium at Homebush has been transformed into the largest Roman amphitheatre seen in the modern age for BEN HUR - The Stadium Spectacular this Friday 22 October and Saturday 23 October.

Narrated by Russell Crowe, the 15,000-square metre stadium performance features a live chariot race, a giant Roman galleon and a parade of Roman legionnaires. Each end of ANZ Stadium will feature massive stages representing the Roman Senate and the Town of Judea.

A larger-than-life classic on the biggest of stages

Ben Hur The Stadium Spectacular
Ben epic of biblical proportions.

Adapted from the 1880 novel BEN HUR: A Tale of the Christ by American author and Civil War General Lew Wallace, this enduring story tells of the slave Ben Hur and his triumphs over his Roman persecutors.

It has inspired two epic movies - including the Academy Award-winng Charlton Heston classic - and even a musical on Broadway.

BEN HUR’s first stadium performance was in 2006 at the Stade de France, Paris where the spectacular event played to more than 300,000 people.

The Stadium Spectacular is the creation of legendary French director Robert Hossein.

Hossein, however, is no stranger to large-scale productions: he notched up a Guinness Book record entry in 1983-84 when 700,000 people witnessed his epic “A Man Named Jesus”.

Catholic Community Special Offer

A special discounted ticket price is available for all Catholic Schools and Parishes to see BEN HUR - The Stadium Spectacular.

Discounts range from 10-to-20 per cent off the retail public prices.

All tickets include Major Event express public transport services at no extra charge.

Visit the BEN HUR website for details of how your Parish or School can secure your seats for the biggest theatrical event seen in Australia.


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