Being Christian in a world with the marginalized


Association of Practical Theology in Oceania News Story
Back Row: Geoff Chung, Kevin Treston, Terry Veling, Anthony Maher, Zachariah Duke, Bertram Maher. Middle Row: Cullan Joyce, Philip Gibbs, Sandra Carroll, John Collins, Jenny Close, Gerard Hall. Front Row: Catherine Anderson, Maria Power, Aunty Joan Hendriks, Bet Green, Anne Bond.

The Association of Practical Theology in Oceania (APTO) held its 9th Annual Conference at the St Joseph’s Centre for Reflective Living in Baulkham Hills from Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 November.

Attended by people from various Christian denominations and countries, the theme of this year’s conference was ‘Being Christian in a world with the marginalized’.

Jim Carty SM delivered the keynote address and the title of his paper was ‘Refugees and marginalisation: the Sabian Mandaean community’. In addition to this, there were 17 papers presented.

Dr Bet Green, President of APTO, said the conference was a terrific success and presented a rich and diverse opportunity for people to collaborate about those marginalized in our society.

“The theme was interpreted broadly and approached from within the disciplines of

practical and pastoral theology and the social sciences,” Dr Green said.

“The presenters engaged with a range of marginalized people both in the church and

throughout the world, including refugees and people with a disability. Papers also dealt with the nature and mission of the church, the inter-relationship of Christian faith and culture, environment, ethics, justice and politics.”

Dr Philip Gibbs, Vice President of APTO, said the conference “enabled participants to test current research findings in a collegial and collaborate way.”

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