Barcelona & Toledo popular choices for WYD's Days in the Dioceses


From Catholic Communications, Sydney

As many as 1,000 young Australians will head off in early August to participate in Days in the Dioceses as part of Madrid's World Youth Day (WYD) 2011, with two of the most popular choices being Barcelona and Toledo, closely followed by Valencia on the Costa Brava and Pamplona, the famed city of bull running in Northern Spain.

The Days in the Dioceses will be held from 11 August until 15 August in the lead up to World Youth Day (15-21 August). With 63 Dioceses throughout Spain taking part, Australians - and more than 300,000 other young people from 157 countries around the world - will have the unique opportunity to spend a week living in the homes of other young people and experiencing life in their towns, cities and churches.

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