Australians don't understand aid


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In his latest CathBlog, Catholic Diocese of Parramatta Social Justice Co-ordinator Evan Ellis says that most Australians struggle to understand the mechanics of aid, how it works - and why it is so important.

"Aid is in a tricky position," Evan writes.

"If a banker rips someone off or a deal goes sour, no-one seriously advises ditching the whole banking system. Yet a similar stuff up in the delivery of aid can call into question its very existence.

"It’s hard to promote a culture of transparency and critical reflection when even the slightest negative story can see aid sent to the dock of public opinion.

"The challenge is to get Australians to the stage where the question is no longer should we deliver aid but how do we do it more effectively; where they can enter into the many conundrums, challenges and pitfalls faced in delivering aid rather than being put off by them.

"The story of Lazarus is apt for our discussion on aid. Christ’s directive, ‘Unbind him. Let him go free’ speaks to the heart of effective aid and sustainable development."

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