Annual Marian Pilgrim to Mount Schoenstatt


Annual Marian Pilgrim to Mount Schoenstatt News Story

On the Solemnity of the Ascension on 20 May this year, more than 2000 people took part in the annual Marian Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Mary, Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt which took place at Mt Schoenstatt, Mulgoa.

Schoenstatt is a movement of renewal within the Catholic Church and was founded in 1914 by Fr Joseph Kentenich. It is a movement of life which means it does not merely proclaim great ideas; rather it stresses the practical applications of these ideas to everyday living.

Schoenstatt means ‘beautiful place’ and it is here that people from all walks of life find moments of peace and tranquillity on their journey through life.

They are refreshed and renewed and find the possibility to deepen their commitment to Christ. It is a place of grace and pilgrimage where love for Christ and His Mother, Mary, are deeply rooted.

The annual pilgrimage at Mulgoa is for everyone but especially for those involved in one of the apostolic outreaches of Schoenstatt, which is known as the Pilgrim Mother Apostolate.

Before the Pontifical High Mass, Confession was available in various languages. The principal celebrant for the Mass was Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP, Bishop of the Parramatta.

Following a community lunch, more than 2000 people took part in the Eucharistic procession with four altars from the valley to the Shrine of Mary for the final Benediction.

An alternative program with the Anointing of the sick and elderly was available at the Shrine.

For more information visit Mount Schoenstatt at 230 Fairlight Road, Mulgoa, tel (02) 4773 8338,

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