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Catholic Outlook March 20014 All Saints of Africa Centre Story
Photography: Alphonsus Fok

By Steven Pringle, Catholic Outlook March 2014

March 2014 marks a year since the official opening of the All Saints of Africa Centre at Blacktown by Bishop Anthony Fisher OP.

In his homilythe Bishop drew attention to the many saints that hail from Africa and their importance in the early development of Christianity.

It is hardly surprising then that the name All Saints of Africa was chosen to reflect the diversity of African Australian, Diocese of Parramatta parishioners who now call this centre home; not just those from South Sudan that we might be familiar with, but also those from Burundi, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and other parts of the African continent.

Driving along Allawah Street in Blacktown, at some times of the day, you could be forgiven for missing the All Saints Centre.

From the outside it is an inconspicuous older house but inside, it’s a vital community resource that is very busy, predominately run by the community and a vital meeting place and place of prayer.

It is a sobering reminder to all that the prayers offered are often for those living in Africa who are affected by war and persecution, and deceased relatives.

Under the direction of Lee Healey, Manager of the All Saints Centre and Bunya Project, a comprehensive range of services is provided from All Saints with an extremely down-to-earth focus that aims to introduce new arrivals to the culture and practicalities of living in Australia.

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