A focus on schools and parishes with Baulkham Hills South and North Rocks


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On Thursday 16 August, parishioners from Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Baulkham Hills South, and Christ the King Parish came together at North Rocks to discuss initiatives toward the Diocesan Pastoral Plan.

The gathering included representatives from associated school communities as well as youth representatives from the local parish.

Family life and the new evangelisation were the most popular priorities of the evening. It was affirming to read one table’s description of our parishes as ‘communities of hope’, recognising that our communities are already sharing faith and nurturing communion at a local level with great openness to building on that pastoral life into the future.

The need to provide better support for those who have lost a spouse or family member was raised as an continuing imperative for the Church now and into the future, as was the need to affirm our married couples throughout their relationship and gather parents of the recently baptised through liturgical celebrations and reunions.

Our Catholic education system was named as a strong feature of our Diocese though it was felt parishes and schools needed to work more closely together to form children, especially teenagers, effectively in the faith. The combined witness of parish and school communities continues to be a strong theme of this consultation as a key relationship for future evangelisation.

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