‘Without Christ I am Nothing’: Diocesan Youth Camp



Diocesan Youth Camp November 2011
Youth & young adults from all parishes gather at the Diocesan Youth Camp.

Trevor Tye from Blessed John XXIII Glenwood-Stanhope Gardens Parish reports on the ‘Without Christ I am Nothing’ Youth & Young Adults Camp held at Naamaroo United Venues at Chatswood from 25 to 27 November.

In stark contrast to the rain that fell, the Catholic Youth Parramatta (CYP) camp was anything but gloomy, with great moments, laughs and a sharing of Christ with 65 other youth and young adults.

It’s no surprise there was such joy in the air when you have an opening speaker like Fr Andrew Keswick, who is so alive in his faith. Fr Andrew had everyone laughing at his impersonations, while inspiring us as he taught how we can live Christ in our lives through reason, faith and personal encounter.

Saturday was a mixture of great learning, games and laughs as we mixed two great talks with skits and an impromptu fashion parade.

Dean of St Patrick's Cathedral Parramatta, Fr Wim Hoekstra, explained how the Bible can help us in our faith, while Paul Elarde talked about valuing our sexuality and the importance of marriage. Each talk made us think about our lives in Christ and provided some great discussion over meals.

The skits saw laughs aplenty, as stories of the Bible were brought to the modern world with performances that could have been worthy of an Oscar (or at least a Logie).

For all that happened during the day, the highlight was a chance to spend time with Christ in Adoration and Confession - an amazing experience that moved everyone in some way.

Despite another early start to Sunday morning, most were in good spirits and those who felt sleepy were quickly woken up as 24-year-old Fr Greg Morgan had us all in awe. He spoke about bringing Christ in our everyday living and also shared how he became a priest.

Sunday also provided two other special moments: CYP Director Fr Suresh Kumar msfs taught us how nothing is ours and only God’s. The second special moment was having Mass with the Bishop of Parramatta, Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP.

To celebrate Mass with a bishop is a great experience - but when he loves you as much as our ‘Bish Fish’ does, it makes it all the more special. We were all very inspired by Bishop Anthony's words to live Christ in the world.

Despite the rain, sleep deprivation and the singing of our theme song at least 20 times (we even had it in our skits), the CYP Camp 2011 brought many memories and joyous moments that made me realise that “Without Christ, I am nothing”.

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