‘Pathways of St Paul’ pilgrimage: Istanbul


‘Pathways of St Paul’ pilgrimage: Istanbul News Story

The ‘Pathways of St Paul’ pilgrimage being led by the Bishop of Parramatta Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP has concluded its journey in Instanbul.

Bishop Anthony led the pilgrimage of 22 Catholic Education Office staff and Principals through Greece and Turkey from 28 September to 15 October.

“We finished our journey with St Paul not in Rome where he was martyred but in the ‘New Rome’ that was Constantinople (now Istanbul), Bishop Anthony wrote on his Facebook page.

Though he never saw it, the churches he founded and nurtured all round Asia Minor ultimately counted this their capital.

Until the new St Peter’s was built in Rome, Hagia Sophia was the greatest cathedral in Christendom for a thousand years. Very moving to see how Byzantine Christianity built a civilisation here that bridged East and West, Jews and Gentiles, all made one in Christ.

The spectacular basilica is testimony to art, prayer and the Sacred Liturgy carried the faith forward and is still the ‘secret’ to evangelisation and catechesis. Blessings from the New Rome!

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