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What’s in a white balloon?

On 12 September 2010, Catholic parishes, schools and other organisations will participate in Child Protection Sunday. On this day the Diocese of Parramatta will celebrate its commitment to keeping children and young people safe; this is a commitment that is shared with the Catholic Church of Australia.

This year, Catholic parishes, schools and other organisations will participate in White Balloon Day, a national campaign with our community neighbours, including child protection agencies, other Churches and state and federal police to promote awareness of the importance of safeguarding children.

The best way that we can keep our children and young people safe is to learn about how to identify and respond to risks that they may be exposed to.

People involved in parish ministry across the Diocese are currently engaged in learning that assists them to contribute to the safety and well-being of the young people that they encounter in the course of their ministry.

The theme for Child Protection Sunday this year is: Working together to create a safe environment.

We are, therefore, challenged to consider new ways that we may work in collaboration with our community neighbours to strive towards the prevention of harm to children and young people.

The white balloon campaign signifies solidarity with community partners to strive towards stopping child abuse wherever it occurs.

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